Gas stations to serve “quick electric recharges”

Amid the growing trend of more economical hybrid and electric vehicles, and less demand for gas, a major Japanese gasoline companies (Idemitsu, Cosmo, and JX Steel & Oil, and Showa Shell) will start testing the market for “quick electric recharge” service for electric cars at their gas stations.

They plan to incorporate this new experimental service in 30 gas stations in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures by the end of March. They will place the common EV logo for this service at the participating gas stations, and customers holding any EV-recharge card which was issued by one of the gasoline companies will get an unlimited electric recharge service at any station for about 3,000 yen per month.

All the companies will install the unified recharge system, and launch the common home page to introduce the recharge station locations and availability. Through this experiment, they will study the profitability and customer demand for this service to consider for the additions in the future.

The gas stations will have to adopt to the projected future where the energy efficient vehicles dominate the streets to survive.

NHK news: 1/15/2012 (15:01)


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