Future renewable energy potential part-1

A fellow tumblr blogger’s page led me to an article with much hope, and I want to share it with you in English.

Here is the original Japanese article dated 7/14/2010 on Eco Japan website:
実験始まる洋上浮体風力 日本の海洋エネルギー期待の星か

Japan has the 6th largest EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) in the world. Among the most promising oceanic energy is the floating off-shore wind power generations.  

To develop and maximize the use of the oceanic energy is a necessary factor for Japan to reduce the carbon emissions. One of the most promising is the floating off-shore power.

There are two types of off-shore windmills, fixed and floating. The former can be installed in the sea beds about 50 meters deep, and the latter to float the windmills in the sea beds where are between 50~200 meters deep.

England and other European countries have already implemented the practical use of the large scale off-shore wind farms. Japan is behind, however, TEPCO has just decided to experiment the 2000 kW level fixed windmills off the coast of Shoshi, Chiba prefecture starting this year.

For med-tong term point of view, the most suitable for Japanese shores might be the floating type. Professor Hideyuki Suzuki of Tokyo University says, “The development of the floating type is more important because the Japanese off-shore sea beds suddenly drop deep.” According to Japan Wind Power Association's calculation, estimated possible implementation of floating wind farm would be for 39,000,000 kW out of 68,000,000 kW of total off-shore wind farm. This roughly account for 30~40 nuclear power reactors. And the cost would be less than that of solar power generation.

Norway has started experimenting the 2000 kW level floating type wind farm in the summer of 2009. Japan really needs to catch up with Europe. But at least we’re starting to move out of the laboratory to experiment in the sea.

windmill created by Kyushu University

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