Italy’s referendum influencing French citizens

Italy’s decision to abolish all nuclear reactors which was decided by the recent referendum is influencing the citizens of France where 80% of power generation depends on nuclear energy. They are voicing pros and cons of nuclear generation in their nation.

France holds 58 nuclear reactors, and is the second nuclear energy generation leader next to the U.S.A. The nation depends 80% of power generation to nuclear energy. Even after the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the government hasn’t changed the energy policy, stating that nuclear generation is an important element to be self-sufficient in power supply as well as it is one of key industries in France.

Meanwhile, the recent poll of June 5 (in France) showed nearly 80% of people were for an eventual energy policy shift from nuclear dependency. Break down of the result is: 15% were for “immediate shutdown of nuclear reactors,” 62% were for “decommission of nuclear reactors in the next 25-30 years.”

Some Parisians were saying, “It is not realistic to decommission all nuclear generation if France doesn’t shift from current dependency of nuclear energy,” as well as “France should have a referendum, too”

NHK news: 6/14/2011 (19:22)

Perhaps, if Germany, Switzerland and Japan show how renewable energy can surpass nuclear generation in the near future, French government might open their eyes… 

OT, but I read a news that a dairy farmer in Fukushima committed suicide, leaving a note that said “If only nuclear power plant wasn’t there…” Very sad. Nuclear energy clearly destroys people’s lives, imho.


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